good news for the reboot!

good news for the reboot!

The Quantum Code pilot reboot seems to have convinced the NBC channel. A season has officially started.

In the Pantheon of series that marked our childhood, Code Quantum occupies a place of choice. Broadcast between 1989 and 1993, and rebroadcast several times in France, the production carried by Scott Bakula has established itself as a must in science fiction. Nearly 30 years after the conclusion of the adventures of Sam Beckett, NBC is preparing its big comeback. The American channel is currently developing a reboot, which has just been offered its first season.

The pilot, already filmed, has visibly convinced the executives of the chain. At least that’s what it says Deadline, in an article published this Thursday, May 5. The media explains that the production has officially started but that some reshoots are to be expected for this first part. According to information from our colleagues, it will not be a last minute change in the casting, but purely cinematographic modifications.

At the head of the project, it is Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt who will work after having worked on Hawaii 5-0 and Gotham. The realization is ensured by Helen Shaver, at least for the first episode. Donald P. Bellisario who created and scripted the original series will be in the executive production.

A new cast

In the casting, precisely, there will be some absentees. If we could hope to find Scott Bakula in the skin of Sam Beckett, the actor is not officially attached to the project. Dean Stockwell, inimitable Al, will not be on the trip either. As a reminder, he died on November 7th.

To camp the two heroes of this reboot, NBC has recruited Raymond Lee and Ernie Hudson. After putting on the ghost hunter costume in Ghostbusters: The Legacythe latter will portray a Vietnam War veteran who must team up with a world-renowned physicist (Raymond Lee) to unravel the mystery of the time machine.

30 years later

In the footsteps of Doctor Samuel Beckett, thirty years after his disappearance, Ben Song will find himself stuck in the 80s without any memory. The character of Ernie Hudson will do everything possible to bring him back to safety. A plot quite similar to that of the original series.

As a reminder, Quantum Code followed the adventures of Sam Beckett as he prepares to lose funding for his time travel project. In a last hope to prove that he has made spectacular progress, he decides to use it himself.

But things don’t go as planned and he is now condemned to travel through time and space, passing from one body to another. He hopes every day that his next jump will be the one that will allow him to return home.

The reboot is expected to hit US screens this year. For the time being, no distribution in France is planned. It will probably be necessary to wait a little to know if the series will attract the eye of a channel or a platform.

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