finally native support for M1 Macs!

finally native support for M1 Macs!

NVIDIA’s cloud gaming service is now available on all devices equipped with an Apple Silicon chip.

Nvidia has just announced native support for Mac devices powered by Apple Silicon chips for its GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Above all, this means that this new update will allow Mac M1 users to enjoy the joys of cloud gaming at the green team. This includes the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Studio, among others.

Until now, it was already technically possible to access the service from an Apple device. But this involved going through the web browser version, which obviously has many disadvantages.

Compared to the browser version, NVIDIA explains that the native support that arrives with version 2.0.40 brings an overall increase in system performance. The firm also announces a significant drop in power consumption and start-up time.

Some good games including the recent Lost Ark

We also note the arrival of a new menu that allows you to classify your games by category at the bottom of the page. A rather useful new tool, namely the display of FPS on the server side, is also appearing. In the event of concerns and performance, this is an element that will make it possible to diagnose the origin of the problem to find out whether or not it is a connection problem.

Finally, as with every GFN Thursday, we are also entitled to a few additional games, including some beautiful titles, of which here is the exhaustive list.

  • Dune: Spice Wars (New release on Steam)
  • Holomento (New release on Steam)
  • Prehistoric Kingdom (New release on Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Novels: Age of Caesar (New release on Steam)
  • Sea of ​​Craft (New release on Steam)
  • Trigon: Space Story (New release on Steam)
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt (New release on Steam)
  • Conan Exiles (Epic Games Store)
  • Crawl (Steam)
  • Flashing Lights – Police, Firefighting, Emergency Services Simulator (Steam)
  • Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition (Steam)
  • Jupiter Hell (Steam)
  • Lost Ark (Steam)
  • CRESTA SOIL (Steam)

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