Fernando Alonso just launched his first electric bike in Miami

Fernando Alonso just launched his first electric bike in Miami

Fernando Alonso has just launched the first electric bike of his Kimoa brand, on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami.

Double Formula 1 world champion in 2005 and 2006, thus ending the reign of Michael Schumacher, the Spanish driver Fernando Alonso has always been present in the world of motorsport, and he even signed a return to F1 last year. , at Alpine, formerly Renault, the team in which he won his two championship titles.

But in addition to motorsport, which is Alonso’s first passion, the latter is also a great fan of cycling, he who had moreover been the victim of an accident on Swiss roads, just before his return to Formula 1. But that didn’t dampen the Spanish rider, who still pedals around the world, and especially on the Spanish roads of his childhood.

Alonso: Kimoa the hidden face of the pilot

While the Miami Grand Prix is ​​to be held this weekend, Alonso took the opportunity to launch the firm’s first electric bike through its Kimoa brand. Alonso is a precursor on this point. While Formula 1 drivers often promote the products of their sponsors, some even partnering with this brand, such as Lewis Hamilton with Tommy Hilfigher, few have their own brand.

When this is the case, the latter generally boils down to selling merch bearing the effigy of the pilot, without offering products as elaborate as an electric bicycle. With Kimoa, the firm’s electric bike is tailor-made for each cyclist thanks to a 3D-printed carbon fiber frame.

A premium bike at 4000 euros

Arevo is responsible for the production of this frame, offering customers a custom fit that takes into account the rider’s height, leg length, arm length and riding position preference. allowing up to 500,000 combinations, according to Kimoa.

The electric bike sold by Fernando Alonso will be sold online at kimoa.com or at partner SimplyEV and Simply Mac stores in the United States only at this time. As for the price, the many customizations and premium materials make this bike a premium product, with an initial sale price of $3,999.

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