[Etude] When mobile phones interfere more and more in the life of a couple

[Etude] When mobile phones interfere more and more in the life of a couple

And if the evil of the century was in our phone? The sworn enemy of romance and married life, the mobile phone invites itself everywhere, even in the most intimate moments. An Ipsos survey commissioned by Caprice des Dieux lists the different digital practices among young couples.

A precise choreography

No sooner have we set foot on the ground than our eyes are already riveted on our screens. Whether it is to consult messages, the news of the day or to scroll indefinitely on our social networks, our mobile phones are the privileged companions of our days. 24% of young couples between the ages of 18 and 35 surveyed admit to consulting their mobile as soon as they wake up. 67% of them don’t even wait until dawn and use it at night.

Keep in touch

And when the loved one goes away for a day, lovers send each other an average of 9 messages and call each other twice. Social networks are also their favorite playground, since 40% of young people say they “tag” or challenge their partner on social networks. The lovers identify themselves on publications to the chagrin of their friends. 91% use their mobile to declare their flame and say “I love you”, 66% of them even exchange sexts.

But when they are not separated, couples find it difficult to bear the presence of their precious cell phones. 55% of the couples surveyed admit that the telephone can be a source of argument and can even lead to a breakup for 23% of them. And we understand better when we know that one in 5 people has already answered a call or a message during love.

Find solutions

So to reduce the place that the telephone takes in the couple, the couples questioned are in favor of the introduction of rules. 69% choose to favor a moment for two for meals and therefore banish their cell phone, while 57% say they do not answer a professional call in the evening or on weekends. They are 61% to think that the telephone takes up too much space in their love life.

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