End clap for these two DC Comics Arrowverse series

End clap for these two DC Comics Arrowverse series

The American channel CW has just ended two of its Arrowverse DC series.

There will be no tomorrow for the Legends of Tomorrow and more new adventures for batman. The CW channel makes the decision to part ways with two of its heroic series and says goodbye to two great pieces of its Arrowverse.

The news fell last Friday and caused a big boom among fans of the various DC universes. Nothing too surprising since Legends of Tomorrow and batman both end on cliffhangers in their respective final seasons.

The heartbreak is also explained in the sudden nature of the news, especially for series that seemed to be doing quite well.

Legends of Tomorrowthe spin-off of Arrow and The Flash was notably in broadcast since 2016 and had the right to 7 seasons and no less than 110 episodes. The series then goes out overnight after a rather long broadcast.

batman for its part was only in its third season and 51 episodes.

Following the sad news, the showrunner of Legends of Tomorrow Keto Shimizu shared his pain on Twitter, while thanking his teams and the fan for helping to make this series a reality:

We are heartbroken, but we are also enormously grateful for our incredible team, our actors and writers who contributed to our series which has managed to find a place against all odds. (…) We see you, we love you and there will always be a place for you on the Waverider.

What future for the characters?

Now that these series are coming to an end without having the right to a real conclusion, the question of the future of the characters remains unresolved. Indeed, even with the disappearance of these two licenses, the Arrowverse remains alive on the CW channel through series The Flash and Superman & Lois.

Thus, it is not impossible to see a return of the characters of Legends of Tomorrow and batman in the future seasons of the series still renewed, and can hope for a real closure to the storylines of this content left unfinished.

In addition, other Arrowverse series are in preparation at the CW, bearing the names of Gotham Knights and Justice University.

It’s not all over for DC on TV, but it’s sad to see two shows canceled while more are in the works.

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