Elizabeth Olsen tells us about Wanda’s journey

Elizabeth Olsen tells us about Wanda’s journey

We caught up with Elizabeth Olsen, to come back with her on her character’s journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will soon land on our screens. The film that promises to open the doors of the multiverse is still very mysterious. Few plot details have been released. We know, however, that Benedict Cumberbatch will not be the only one to face the disastrous consequences of the spell he cast in No Way Homehe can count on Wanda Maximoff to help him.

We caught up with Elizabeth Olsen, to discuss with her the journey of her character since her debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron to his consecration in the series Wanda vision. Interview.

Wanda was first introduced as an antagonist, before joining the Avengers to face Ultron in the second installment of their adventures. In Wandavision, she seems to have taken a more obscure path. Where is she when we find her in Wandavision?

I think after Wandavision, which was very sad in its conclusion, it took responsibility. She accepted this somewhat mythical person she was destined to become, learned to become the Scarlet Witch.

I think we find her for the first time in a state of self-confidence, with a certain clairvoyance about what all this means to her. She has become very strong and no longer questions what she is and why.

Even if Wandavision was one of the biggest successes of Disney+, the series has not been renewed for a season 2. Can we still hope to find Wanda soon on our screens?

I don’t think Wandavision will have a season 2. For now, it will only be found in Doctor Strange 2. This is what happens very often with the MCU, I have not signed up for 6 or 9 more films so every time I come back to play him, I don’t have any of what’s going to happen next.

It’s always a surprise, but I’m just excited to hear the fans’ reactions. I think they always have really good ideas about what might happen next (laughs).

Marvel Wanda Scarlet Witch
Credits: Marvel

Speaking of fans, the reactions at Spider-Man screenings have been pretty enthusiastic. We saw people screaming, crying. Can we expect such a spectacle with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ?

I hope ! I think that’s the most fun thing about seeing these films in theaters, it’s not just about scale or sound, it’s really about shared experience. I really hope there’s that kind of visceral fan reaction in theaters.

Did you scrutinize the reactions of the public to the release of Wanda vision on Disney+?

I really, really, really loved doing this series. Watching her was also a real pleasure. I loved discovering how all these sitcoms had been put together, being able to see what Kathryn (Hahn’s note) and Paul (Bettany’s note) were doing when I wasn’t there. Seeing them gave me so much joy.

I don’t think I watched the reactions of viewers, but I was very surprised by the reception the series had. You never expect anything you do to have such an impact on people. We rather get used to rejection (laughs). It was really really cool and a real surprise that people loved it.

new wanda costume
A new costume for the occasion / Credits: Marvel

The multiverse is a bit complicated. Can you explain it to us quickly?

Sure ! The multiverse is a space where all of these parallel universes exist and we have access to them. So every decision or choice that makes you who you are today, in a parallel universe, exists in another form. There are several versions of you. It’s a great opportunity for stories, characters and the creation of a new world. I’m pretty excited to find out how Marvel will take this to the next level in the future.

If you had to scour the multiverse for alternate versions of Wanda, what would they do?

Listen, I think you’ll have to wait until Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness comes out to find out. (laughs).

In a parallel universe, what other Marvel character would you have loved camping?

I’m pretty happy to have the opportunity to play Wanda. It was one hell of a trip. I find Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie very funny, and I love her sense of humor and the fact that she’s a constant comedic back-up. This character has a beautiful soul, it must be fun. But she does such a good job with this character that I wouldn’t want to see anyone else play her.

To discover Wanda’s entire career in Doctor Weird in tea multiverse of madnessappointment on May 4th at the cinema. The film directed by Sam Raimi promises a great show. It should be of paramount importance in the pursuit of the mcu on the big screen, at a time when Marvel wants to place the multiverse at the heart of its cinematic universe.

Watch Doctor Strange 1 and Wandavision on Disney+

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