Do not hesitate any longer, this 80 GB package at 13 euros is the rare pearl

Do not hesitate any longer, this 80 GB package at 13 euros is the rare pearl

Here is an excellent reason to leave your operator: the 80 GB package at 13 euros per month from RED by SFR. This offer is among the best of the moment but ends Monday evening…

If you’re looking to radically reduce the cost of your mobile plan, you’ll be delighted. For a few more days, RED by SFR is selling off the prices of all its mobile plans, its 80 GB offer in the lead with an excellent gigs / price ratio. But it won’t last… Take advantage of it now before it’s too late.

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Mini price, maxi gigas with the RED by SFR 80 GB package at 13 euros

It’s the deal of the week. Until Monday evening, RED by SFR covers you with gigas at a ridiculous price. For 13 euros per month, you are entitled to 80 GB of mobile data in France, including 12 GB usable from the European Union and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. To miss out on such an incredible offer would be a hell of a loss.

With so many gigs, that’s for sure: you don’t run the risk of falling out. You can browse social networks, listen to non-stop music, watch a video on YouTube or an episode of your current series, make video calls to your loved ones without limiting you. There is little chance that you will exceed this limit.

In addition, this RED by SFR plan is like the operator’s other plans: without engagement. You are therefore free to terminate your contract whenever you wish. But RED by SFR does its best to make you stay.

At RED by SFR, no jealousy

We don’t all have the same needs, the same budget or the same priorities. For all these reasons, the operator offers plummeting prices for all its mobile plans. There’s something for everyone, but you’ll have to be quick: these magic offers end monday night.

If you are afraid of being a little tight with 80 GB, you can prefer the 120 GB package at 15 euros per month. It will be enough for anyone who uses tethering extensively or regularly downloads heavy videos. For the upper stage, the 160 GB package at 19 euros per month will do. But these two packages mainly concern a small part of the population.

Less connected? Tighter budget? Don’t want to spend thousands and cents on a mobile plan? The RED by SFR 5 GB offer at 5 euros is perfect. It includes 5 GB of mobile data in France, of which 6 GB can be used abroad, and always unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The price is reasonable without depriving you of gigas.

Travelers at heart can enjoy 20 GB of internet from the EU, DOM, USA and Canada for only 5 euros more on their monthly bill. If you want to pick up speed, 5G is available for an additional 5 euros each month.

To discover these magical offers before Monday evening, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR packages

RED by SFR: a network at your height

RED by SFR is required to take care of the quality of its network. Yes, with exclusively non-binding packages, a few clicks are enough for dissatisfied customers to jump ship. This way, you can be sure that the operator is doing its best to offer you a network of irreproachable quality.

Being exclusively sold online, only a few minutes are needed to subscribe to the best mobile plan of the moment. You can manage your consumption very simply from the web customer area or directly on the RED & Me application.

Want to keep your current phone number? No problem, it’s as if it was done! Just call 3179 to pick up free your RIO number then communicate it when you subscribe. RED by SFR then takes care of terminating your old contract, no additional cost. Ten euros remain your responsibility for your new SIM card. And then that’s all.

To take advantage of the sensational offers on RED by SFR mobile plans before Monday evening, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR packages

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