Disney doesn’t want this LGBT movie, Netflix picks up the project

Disney doesn’t want this LGBT movie, Netflix picks up the project

Netflix takes back the rights to Nimona, an LGBT animated film project that Disney had decided to abandon.

As Disney closed Blue Sky Studios, which made Ice Age movies in February 2021, the comic book-inspired animated film project Nimona was also forgotten.

Created by ND Stevensonwho turns out to be the.e creator.ice of the reboot of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power from Netflix, Nimona is a fantasy comic that tells the story of a teenager capable of changing his appearance and transforming himself into a dragon.

With a prominence of LGBTQ+ elements within this story that Disney wanted to half-hide if the project were to come to an end, the closure of its creative studio was the fatal blow for its future.

The artist then became enthusiastic on Twitter about the revival of his project : “Nimona was always a spunky story that never wanted to give up. She’s a fighter… But she also has incredible people fighting for her. I am completely elated to announce that the film Nomina is alive… To be found in 2023 by Annapurna and Netflix.

A strange cancellation

Yet the film was supposedly 75% loan the studio announced at the time of the project’s cancellation last year. Other projects at the origin of Blue Sky have nevertheless continued to be produced, such as the recent series the Ice Age out on Disney+. Disney therefore seems to have taken advantage of this closure to end a project that they did not consider to be in their image.

In the midst of a scandalDon’t Say Gay”, the question of representation in pop culture arises more and more regularly. The return of this project is therefore a real victory in the goal of a more inclusive pop culture.

A former employee of Blue Sky expressed in an article ofInsider the need to highlight more diverse stories: “We need more queer history, but we also need to speak out about how agonizing not telling queer stories can be. When the world’s largest entertainment company creates children’s content and systematically censors queer content, these actions cause queer children to think dark thoughts.”

See you in 2023 to discover the story of Nimona, interpreted in the original version by Chloë Grace Moretz, notably known for her role as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass.

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