Discover an exclusive Magic card from the Streets of New Capenna edition

Discover an exclusive Magic card from the Streets of New Capenna edition

The new Magic: the Gathering expansion, Streets of New Capenna, is ideal for beginners to the Magic universe. It will revolve around the police and gangsters in the 1920s. Here is an exclusive map of this new edition for Journal du Geek readers!

The very promising edition of The streets of New Capenna and its clans ready to do anything to control the city arrives this month. Here is an exclusive one of the cards that make up this new edition.

Unsurprisingly, we are in the purest philosophy of red with this Pugnacious Pugilist, an “unco” creature card whose mana cost is five (three colorless and two red). This ogre and warrior is already quite robust with a 4 in power and a 4 in toughness; above all, it allows its owner to create a 1/1 attacking token when the Pugilist attacks, a token that can also inflict a wound on a target when it dies.

Another advantage for the Pugilist, he benefits from the ability Blitz, which is one of the new abilities of the edition, and which allows its controller to summon it for one less red mana and to use it in the “d” way. ‘direct damage’. If it is “blitzed” The Pugilism can then attack immediately (and create the token) but will die at the end of the turn (by making its owner draw). An interesting alternative when the opponent is low in health and/or has no defenders.

The streets of New Capenna will be released on April 28 on MTG Arena and from April 29 in physical. The previews will take place from April 22 to 28. You can discover the cards already revealed on the publisher’s website, as well as the (very beautiful) variants.

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