DC Comics unveils the first trailer for its Flash Point Beyond series

DC Comics unveils the first trailer for its Flash Point Beyond series

The next series of DC Comics already promises to be eventful, with the return of Thomas Wayne to the Flashpoint universe.

The Flashpoint never left Batman. Eleven years after Geoff Johns’ cult series, DC Comics is preparing to deliver a new major event in its super heroic universe in Flashpoint Beyond. As of April 12, issue #0 will go on sale. For the occasion, the publisher has just published a breathtaking trailer.

Flashpoint, what is it?

Remember more than ten years ago, the mini-series flash point presented an alternate universe in which only Barry Allen’s Flash carried the memories of his old world. Thomas Wayne—Bruce’s father—has become Batman, Superman never existed, and a war between Aquaman and Wonderwoman sets the world on fire. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Andy Kubert, this new narrative arc then gives birth to the New 52 comic period, and the many resulting series. It is also from this reboot that the stories now focus on Earth-0, as opposed to the rest of the multiverse exploited in the previous series.

Flashpoint Beyond will therefore take place after the events of the original Flashpoint. Back in his world Thomas Wayne will face evil versions of the greatest heroes of the Justice League, while rubbing shoulders with Clockwork Killer, a new adversary with formidable powers. Locked up by the secret services since its arrival on earth, Project Superman should also give the bat a hard time.

Originally announced for April 5, 2022, Flashpoint Beyond shows a slight delay, as well as a modification of its periodicity: with a conclusion finally expected for October, the series will be released at the rate of one episode per month, and no longer two as it was hitherto planned. At the helm of this new project, we will find the prolific Geoff Johns, this time accompanied by Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan and Eduardo Risso on the illustration for #0. Artists Xermánico and Romulo Fajardo Jr will then take over on subsequent issues.

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