Chevrolet’s iconic Corvette is going electric

Chevrolet’s iconic Corvette is going electric

The electric transition concerns all car manufacturers and all brands, including those with which we do not naturally associate the idea of ​​electric motorization. Corvette will also get started!

In the United States, Corvette is synonymous with a sports car, of course, but a sports car powered by a good old heat engine! However, General Motors, owner of the Chevrolet brand, has confirmed the development of a hybrid version and an all-electric model for the legendary brand.

Compulsory transition

The hybrid version will be released next year, it will be necessary to wait a little before seeing the completely electric model tumble. GM gives very few details about these two future vehicles, and the video shared on Twitter does not say much more. If an electric Corvette can amaze all those who have already taken the wheel of this car (or who have found themselves one day next to it), it is nevertheless part of the logic of things.

General Motors plans to sell only electric cars by 2035. If the Corvette wants to survive this transition, it is imperative that the brand adapts to the new situation now. The automaker is not starting from nowhere: its strategy has enabled it to equip vehicles that seemed very ill-suited to electrification, like the monster Hummer. And yet, it works pretty well for these high-end models.

If fans of the Corvette’s roaring engine will pout, this electric version could appeal to new customers looking for sporty-looking cars. The latter are currently looking at the side of the competition, at Ford (Mustang Mach-E GT) or Porsche (Taycan).

The automotive group’s efforts extend to all market segments. GM is aimed at pick-up drivers with the electric Silverado as well as those who appreciate large luxury sedans (Cadillac Lyriq). And then for everyone, there will soon be the Blazer and Equinox models.

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