Balan Wonderworld director makes shocking revelations about Square Enix

Balan Wonderworld director makes shocking revelations about Square Enix

Yuji Naka reveals Square Enix’s treatment of its teams that resulted in Balan Wonderworld’s notable failure.

Balan Wonderworld announced itself as a project that would mark the long-awaited return of big names in the sonic-team. This team knew how to produce cult games with a very special atmosphere, such as nights, Space Channel 5 and Billy Hatcher to recite nobody else but them. Both in its graphic style and in its gameplay, Balan Wonderworld seemed to promise a return to that characteristic atmosphere of those old games.

Unfortunately, this new title turned out to be a critical failure and simply disappointed nostalgic fans who had high expectations. The game was published in a deplorable state, with numerous bugs and an average quality leaving a taste of unfinished.

A little over a year after its release, its director speaks about the process of creating the project and makes surprising revelations about Square Enix.

No respect for teams and players

Yuji Naka tells the reality behind the failure of Balan Wonderworld througha long twitter thread.

Six months before the release of Balan Wonderworld, an official request was put in place to remove me from the project and from my role as director, and so I filed a complaint against Square Enix.” he says and also adds that now that the trial is over, it is allowed to reveal this whole affair freely and without consequence.

This strange decision to remove him from his duties was taken for two reasons that marked the director. The first key to the marketing of its game. The company had made the decision to let a Youtuber make an arrangement of music from the game and publish it to advertise it. Yuji Naka then says: “I found it strange that the music was an arrangement made by a stranger and so I insisted on posting an original version of the music.

This remark was the first step towards his dismissal. Then the director says thathe defended his game, and that was enough to justify his dismissal according to Square Enix : “According to the legal documents, what I could say about Arzest’s decision to release the game without fixing it when it was riddled with bugs during its development, comments to make the game better so, has disrupted my relationship with Arzest.

For Yuji Naka, Square Enix then had no respect for its teams and for its fans, who would then buy a game that was not even finished. He adds: “In my opinion, a game should be created with the intention of making it a good game until the end of its development so that fans can enjoy the end result once purchased.

The director also apologized to fans who bought his gamewhich was ultimately not what he had imagined and what he wanted to publish.

He ends with a strong statement in which he denounces the two studios: “It’s really sad that we released a non-final version of Balan Wonderworld for the general public. I wanted to release an action game in all its glory by some of my criteria. I think Square Enix and Arzest are companies that don’t care about their games and their fans.

It remains to be seen whether Square Enix will respond to these denunciations, but Yuji Naka’s statements finally allow us to see more clearly about the descent into hell of this game which was announced as an ambitious project.

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