ASUS introduces a uniquely shaped portable monitor to the market

ASUS introduces a uniquely shaped portable monitor to the market

Want to turn your laptop into an Asus Zenbook Duo? This is unfortunately impossible… but it will soon be possible to approach it with the new ProArt Display.

As any regular user knows, space is one of the major limitations of today’s laptops. There are many applications, especially in the context of professional use, where working with a screen will be uncomfortable at best and very counterproductive at worst. This situation particularly concerns artists, and it is to them that Asus is addressing with its new ProArt Display PA147CDV .

This is a 14 inch IPS screen designed to back up a laptop running out of space. Nothing special so far. But you just have to look at the machine to realize that something is wrong with the form factor. Here, no 16:9 or 16:10; this ProArt Display is entitled to a ratio of… 32:9 (1920×550)!

like deja vu

This elongated shape will immediately ring a bell for those familiar with the Asus ecosystem; the screen looks like two drops of water like the lower screen of a ZenBook Duo, a bit as if Asus had ripped it off and then mounted it on its own support!

In addition to being tactile, the screen supports Microsoft’s Pen Protocol 2.0. We also note the presence of a natively integrated customizable circular menu. It is an element that will remind users of Wacom devices; the graphic tablet giant already includes elements of this type on its Intuos Pro and Cintiq ranges.

As one might suspect since it is a representative of the Pro Art rangethis model is intended primarily for artists. We can therefore expect completely correct performance in terms of colorimetry with a depth of 10 bits and coverage at 100% sRGB and Rec.709 gamuts. The slab is also calibrated DeltaE<2 out of the box.

No official release date yet

Connectivity level, the machine is equipped with an HDMI port and two USB-C ports. Unfortunately, these are the last elements available to us. Asus has not yet published a product page on its official website. We therefore do not yet have access to the rest of the technical characteristics, in particular some very important for a device intended for creative people such as brightness and contrast.

The weight and dimensions, other crucial elements for a nomadic device, also remain unknown. Same thing for the response time and the refresh rate, even if this is more anecdotal than on a screen intended for gamers.

Once on the market, it will be closely followed by two other models who were vaguely teased until now. The first, the ProArt Display OLED PA32DC, will be a full-size OLED display with a more conventional form factor (31.5 inches at 3840 x 2160). At CES 2022, Asus also teased the ProArt Display PA348CGV, an ultrawide monitor in 1440p at 120 Hz.

But at present, thePrice and release date remain unknown.; several sources, however, seem to indicate that it will arrive on the market during the spring; It remains to be seen whether this resolutely very particular form factor will find its audience.

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