Apple offers a behind-the-scenes dive into the saga

Apple offers a behind-the-scenes dive into the saga

For May 4, a day dedicated to the saga of George Lucas, Apple explores the sound creation of Star Wars through a video posted on YouTube.

Apple kills two birds with one stone. To promote its products and celebrate the saga Star Warsthe platform has just unveiled a video called Behind the Mac: Skywalker Sound. The Cupertino company wants to prove by A plus B that these computers are used for cinematographic creation. The brand has therefore invited itself to the premises of Skywalker Sound, a company owned by Lucasfilm and which is responsible for the sound design of several classics of the 7th art.

We thus discover the objects that inspired the iconic sounds of the license. Take the mythical lightsabers, whose distinctive hum marked pop culture forever. Born from the imagination of Ben Burtt, sound designer on the franchise, this characteristic sound was created from the hum of an old projector mixed with that of a broken television.

For the laser guns, Skywalker Sound crews used the shrouds of a radio transmitter and hit it with a hammer. With a bit of post-production and a lot of ingenuity, the franchise’s sound designers were able to bring this iconic sci-fi saga to life. A titanic work, but absolutely essential, to register the universe in the legend. It was all the more impressive in the 70s since the teams had to start from scratch, without any reference to help them in their business.

An essential job

The video shared by Apple is an opportunity to recall the essential character of sound design on our favorite feature films. As Skywalker Sound employee Ryan Frias sums it up so well.

“It’s something you take for granted, you don’t really pay attention to it. That’s what I do. Sound people, we’re always in the background, nobody ever sees us. But if you take away the lightsabers, Darth Vader’s breathing, R2-D2’s synth beeps, you don’t have a pop-culture defining figure.”

The video can be found in full on YouTube. Otherwise, you can also immerse yourself in the many making-ofs of the saga available on Disney+.

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