Apple is preparing a special “Behind The Mac” for Star Wars Day

Apple is preparing a special “Behind The Mac” for Star Wars Day

Apple has just released a first teaser for the next episode of its series, Behind The Mac, on May 4.

Wednesday we will be May 4th, if this date does not mean anything in particular for the majority of people on Earth, for the geeks that we are it echoes the famous “May the Fourth”, a pun with the English version of the famous Star Wars quote “may the force be with you”. Every year, fans of the George Lucas franchise therefore do wonders to sublimate the Skywalker universe on this rather special day.

But it’s not just private individuals who organize events to properly celebrate this legendary cinema saga. Indeed, recognized companies, like Apple, plan to do a little something to mark the occasion. For the apple brand, it was necessary to turn to its YouTube channel this Friday to find out a little more about the program for this May 4.

A first teaser before May 4

Indeed, the Cupertino company has published a one-minute video, a trailer in reality, which presents a documentary on the famous sound effects of Star Wars. This little film should find its place alongside the other “Behind The Mac”, where Apple follows people who work every day with products of its manufacture, to demonstrate the full power of these machines in real conditions.

As a reminder, the last “Behind The Mac” had followed the teams working with the artist Kendrick Lamar or even James Blake. With this new episode, the Apple teams are therefore interested in the people in charge of the sound effects of the saga. It will therefore be possible to learn a little more behind the scenes of this blockbuster, but also about Apple products, obviously put forward by the people in charge of communication at Apple.

As a reminder, Behind The Mac has existed at Apple since 2018 and the first episode was centered around the artist Grimes. The next episode should therefore be released in early May, a month before Apple launches its WWDC, the annual event that celebrates developers.

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