Apple increases the price of Disney+ subscriptions without warning

Apple increases the price of Disney+ subscriptions without warning

Currently in medium-scale testing, Apple is introducing a new feature to increase the price of a service automatically.

The information appeared on Twitter, then it quickly gained momentum among Internet users. Apple is currently testing a new functionality to manage third-party subscriptions on iOS. Concretely, the Apple could now simply warn its customers in the event of a price change, while automatically accepting price increases.

Who is silent consents ?

In most cases, when a service increases its prices, the customer is then presented with several options: accept the new price, or cancel their subscription. In the event of inaction on his part, it is often the last option which is preferred. Regarding Apple, developer Max Seelemann recently explained on Twitter that he had received a notification concerning the change in price of his subscription Disney+, which went from $6.99 per month to $8.99.

A message at first glance informative, since only a large button “OK” permitted to accept this change of contract. On closer inspection, however, it was possible to access the account settings by opting for the small lines at the bottom of the page. To verify that Apple did not intend to automatically charge a higher price without its consent, Max Seelemann took care to ignore the message until the deadline, without agreeing to increase the price of its subscription. And (bad) surprise, Apple was then responsible for approving these new terms of use.

Disney+ increases its prices

This is obviously not the first time that Disney + has increased its prices. On the various markets where the platform is established, the revaluations of the service follow one another regularly since its launch. A behavior that is not isolated, Netflix also having recourse to this kind of surprise increase, officially to justify an improvement in its catalog. Here, it is therefore not so much the price increase that is shocking, as the methods used by Apple to “to allow” the latter without the express consent of the client.

Note that for the moment, this option still seems to act as an exception. On most online services, reports iOS developer David Barnard, a price change still results in a notification requiring user approval or the subscription will be suspended.

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