All about these 3 premium VPNs and their XXL offers

All about these 3 premium VPNs and their XXL offers

To enjoy an effective VPN without breaking the bank, choose one of the 3 offers presented here without further delay.

Interested in VPNs for your online security? You are quite right. A VPN will not only protect you on the net, preserving your sensitive data and your privacy, but will also give you access to other advantages. Among these advantages, we can cite anonymous browsing or the circumvention of geo-restrictions and censorship that are current on the net.

And if you want to take advantage of a quality VPN at a low price, know that 3 offers are currently worth the detour, at CyberGhost, NordVPN and Surfshark. The most advantageous, however, is that of CyberGhost, which displays 83% discount and 3 months free, thus falling to only € 1.99 monthly.

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The exclusive advantages of CyberGhost for less than 2 euros

If you want to enjoy a quality VPN, CyberGhost is the one for you. This software is among the best VPNs in the world, and you will see that it is deserved. First of all, when it comes to your online protection, CyberGhost works on two levels.

This VPN encrypts your web traffic using the AES-256 algorithm and completely hides your IP address. You thus have the guarantee that no one will be able to seize your personal data or your browsing history. This is useful at home to avoid monitoring by your Internet Service Provider, but also in public places on shared Wi-Fi networks.

CyberGhost is also excellent in other areas, such as circumventing geo-restrictions. With this VPN, you will have access to more than 7,800 servers worldwide, located in 91 different countries. Also note that CyberGhost has very good connection speeds, as well as servers optimized for streaming, P2P and gaming.

Here, you are therefore guaranteed to thwart all geographic blockages, but also to enjoy an optimal experience, regardless of what you want to do on the net. Also, note that the CyberGhost application is compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Linux).

And right now, all of this is available to you at -83% off and 3 months free. This offer applies to the 3-year VPN subscription. The initial price for 39 months of subscription therefore goes from €467 to only €77.61, i.e. €1.99 per month instead of €467. Enough to save nearly €390! And in addition, your account includes 7 simultaneous connections to equip all your connected devices.

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Several discounts displayed at NordVPN

If you’re looking for interesting VPN promotions, NordVPN has two that are worth checking out. The first on its one-year plan, which benefits from a 58% discount; the second on its 2-year package, which sees its price drop by 72%.

Thus, subscription over one year costs €52.68 instead of €125, i.e. a monthly cost of €4.39 compared to €10.49 usually. And if you subscribe for 2 years, NordVPN will only cost you 69.36€ against 251€ excluding promotion. The monthly price of the VPN drops here to just €2.89, a very attractive price for a VPN of this standing.

But if this is very interesting, what does NordVPN offer you for this price? Very simply, everything you need. NordVPN keeps you safe online by encrypting your browsing data and hiding your IP address. For more privacy, this software also offers you options such as the anti-threat feature, which blocks trackers and malware.

NordVPN is also able to get you around geo-restrictions, thanks to its more than 5,400 servers in around 60 different countries. You can then surf freely wherever you are, without constraints related to your location. Note that this VPN manages to unblock the Netflix platform and its many catalogs as well as French TV channels from abroad.

Its application can be installed on all your devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, Smart TV or connected box) and is very easy to use. With an account, you can also connect up to 6 devices at the same time to equip your whole family.

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Surfshark and its unlimited connections for 2 euros per month

There is a third software that we want to tell you about in this top: it is Surfshark. Using the VPN here is very simple, and its application is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. And for your safety, Surfshark leaves nothing to chance.

Like its competitors, Surfshark encrypts all of your browsing data and makes your IP address private. To go further, Surfshark also offers you the Kill Switch option, which consists of suspending your traffic in the event of a VPN disconnection, so that your data is never exposed, even temporarily.

And when it comes to geo-blocks, Surfshark is also optimal. This software has more than 3,200 servers worldwide, covering about 65 countries. You will thus be able to choose your virtual location, and unblock all global web content, such as streaming services or even television channels and sporting events.

Surfshark also has another advantage: unlimited simultaneous connections. You will be able to equip all the members of your household and even help out your friends without paying more. And since we are talking about prices, know that Surfshark’s offer is very attractive.

Le VPN shows -82% immediate reduction and 2 months free on its 24-month plan. The subscription price therefore goes from €290 to only €51.74. At the monthly level, this represents approximately €2 per month over the period. Subscribe now before this offer expires.

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