After the chargers, Anker launches into 3D printers

After the chargers, Anker launches into 3D printers

Already very well established in the world of smartphone chargers, the Anker brand has just announced a… 3D printer.

Very well known for its chargers, especially for telephones, Anker is a company well established in the world of new technologies, and which is now taking a risky bet: to diversify.

With AnkerMake M5, the company from Shenzhen in China is entering a whole new market, that of 3D printers. Real tools of tomorrow, these very special printers were invented in the 80s. But since the beginning of the century, the market has been booming. In 2019, it reached the very symbolic figure of 10 billion dollars in revenue worldwide. An impressive figure, which could become ridiculous in just a few years.

A simple, fast and inexpensive 3D printer

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world for more than two years, many companies, but also individuals, have turned to 3D printers to build all kinds of things (like rockets). For its part, Anker understood what the main problem with these printers was: their slowness.

It is with this observation in mind that the Chinese company has developed its product, wanting to make it much faster than the majority of 3D printers on the market today. With the AnkerMake M5, the firm offers a printing speed of 250 millimeters per second. This makes it possible to work on detailed projects, with quite respectable precision. But aware of the slowness of the printers on the market, Anker hits hard by offering a “fast” mode which allows you to go up to 2500 millimeters per second.

A perfect product for the general public?

According to the figures communicated during the presentation of the 3D printer by Anker, the latter is able to reduce printing time by almost 70% compared to the market average. In addition to being fast, the Anker M5 is designed to be easy to use. Also according to the information given by the brand, the 3D printer only takes 15 minutes to be fully configured. A simple and quick installation that could appeal to the general public, still hampered by the apparent complexity of 3D printing.

If the project is not certain to see the light of day, it is currently a Kickstarter, it can also be an opportunity to make a good deal. Indeed it is possible to support the project up to 429 dollars (393 euros) and to receive the 3D printer in the first. In any case, it will take months for production to take place, and if you don’t want to take the risk, the final sale price should be 499 dollars, assures Anker.

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