Activision overflows with imagination to punish cheaters

Activision overflows with imagination to punish cheaters

After God Mode, Call of Duty cheaters will face a strange but effective punishment.

With call of duty vanguard, Activision Blizzard has introduced its new anti-cheat software and since then the firm has continued to innovate in terms of punishment for cheaters. A few weeks ago, we learned that in the presence of cheaters, the other players in the game then switched to God Mode, being able to inflict damage on cheaters but not being able to receive any from them.

Today, Activision is introducing yet another type of punishment with a new update. The studio calls it cloaking, and it’s a new technique that literally makes players invisible to cheaters. In a blog post, the firm explains:

With cloaking, players who are detected cheating may find themselves unable to see opposing players in the game world. Characters, balls, and even sounds of legitimate players will be undetectable to cheaters. Legitimate players, however, can see cheaters affected by the cloak (usually it’s the players you see circling around yelling “Who’s shooting me?”) and can give them in-game punishments.”

This method, like the previous one, is based on the recurring behavior of cheaters to identify and target them automatically. Activision reiterates that every effort is made to ensure that cloaking, or God Mode, is not applied to players who do not cheat. The new update is already available on Vanguard and Warzone.

Activision continues to ban en masse. An effective method?

The firm also continues in its momentum and bans many players from the game. Recently, Activision revealed that it had banned more than 90,000 players in a single wave. And since that time, the studio has added another 54,000 bans to add to its roster. Something tells us that it is not about to stop there.

Because cheaters are like New York, they never sleep. With each new breakthrough and punishment created, cheaters always find a way around them. So Activision shouldn’t just enforce strict rules from time to time, but keep up with the times and even be one step ahead every time. Since the deployment of Ricochet, it seems that the studio takes this phrase as a mantra since the novelties are multiplying faster than in the past.

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