a wide-angle … even bigger?

a wide-angle … even bigger?

The next iPhone could be entitled to many changes. The notch, but also the camera are at the heart of the rumors.

As the days pass and we get closer to the release of the iPhone 14, and its Pro and Pro Max version, the secrets around Apple’s phone all seem to be falling one by one. If the analysts of the apple brand have all agreed on the design of the front of the phone, it is the camera, at the back of the smartphone, which comes to fuel the rumors about its tower.

Subject to modifications every year or so, the photo block of the iPhone 14 Pro could be entitled to a change in size assures us several users of the Chinese social network Weibo, known to have already delivered details of this kind by the pass. This year, it is the wide-angle sensor that is at the heart of the rumors.

A larger device, more efficient, but also heavier

According to the first rumors of the corridors, the latter could be wider by 21.5% compared to its predecessor. An advance which, again, should be reserved for the Pro model. Remember that analysts already assure that the iPhone 14 Pro will be the only one entitled to a “double punch” system to hide Face ID at the top of the screen, while the classic version of the phone will have the right to a “mini notch”.

Apple could therefore choose to make a second technical distinction between the two models of this same generation, granting a main sensor larger by almost a fifth to the Pro version of this iPhone 14. According to the first information we have, this new sensor should be able to photograph in 48 Mpx.

The only notable defect with this improvement in the photo block: its weight. Indeed, and as Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst of the apple brand, has already announced, the iPhone 14 Pro may be heavier than its predecessor, in particular because of its three sensors.

Apple is lagging

A problem that does not seem to bother Apple, which is working on the sensors of tomorrow. Remember that for the moment, the iPhone 13 Pro today have 1.9 µm pixels. According to rumors, the iPhone 14 Pro would be able to go down to 1.22 µm. The sensor, which should be built by Sony – as is already the case for the iPhone 13 Pro – could thus lower its aperture to ƒ / 1.3 instead of ƒ / 1.5 today.

If this information is to be taken with the greatest precaution, it would be a sign of a real step forward for Apple, which remains stuck with a 12 Mpx sensor on its wide-angle lens since the iPhone 6S. So it’s time to change. Especially when you know that the competition does not hesitate to evolve. For example, Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 108MP wide-angle sensor.

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