A perfect hybrid project between MacBook and iPad could see the light of day

A perfect hybrid project between MacBook and iPad could see the light of day

Apple seeks to win back a target that is dear to it: education. To achieve this, Apple could even launch a whole new product.

Apple is often criticized for producing iPads, especially the Pro versions of the latter, which are ever closer to the MacBook Pro and Air. The latest example of this rapprochement is the arrival of the M1 chip, originally intended for Macs, on iPads (the Pro and the Air in this case).

This conformation of the two tablet and laptop formats into one does not please everyone, and Apple customers do not fail to remind him of this. But despite the daily remarks of part of its public, Apple continues to chart its course, without wanting to transform the iPad into MacBook touch.

According to the Cupertino company, the nuance between the two products is very real, and if it is possible to add a Magic Keyboard to the iPads, that does not make them Macs. Same thing with the Universal Control functionality which allows in certain cases to use its iPad without touching it, simply by keyboard shortcuts, or with a mouse. Unprecedented thing on an Apple tablet.

Microsoft’s Surface as inspiration

Although the border between the two products is blurred and difficult to perceive at times, it must be recognized that there is a gap, especially in terms of performance, between MacBook products and iPads. But according to this new rumor that comes to us from Patently Apple, the Cupertino company could bring the two product lines even closer, even thinking of creating a hybrid, taking the best of these two worlds.

If the project is still far from seeing the light of day, a patent recently filed by Apple suggests that the apple brand is inspired by Microsoft’s Surface to offer a product more powerful than an iPad, but much cheaper than a MacBook. A very special product, therefore, which would find its audience in schools.

Indeed, in the United States, Apple has always had a place of choice, and its student offers are proof of its interest (marketing or not, it’s up to you) for education. Very present in classrooms, especially with iPads, then MacBooks at university, Apple products are increasingly shunned by the new generation.

A very important long-term clientele

The latter are now turning to ChromeBooks or Microsoft Surface, cheaper products, but also more powerful than Apple’s tablets. Plus, they bear a certain resemblance to computers, giving it a serious edge that’s perfect for school.

But for Apple, losing this young clientele is a real problem. Indeed, the Apple brand knows well that with the ultra-closed configuration of its ecosystem, a customer who comes to buy a tablet when he is 12 or 13 years old, will come back in a few years to buy the latest iPhone.

These young people are therefore not just a dead loss at a given moment, where they shun the iPad for a product from Microsoft, but a real loss in the long term, since they never return, or so later , in the Apple ecosystem. It is to this problem that Apple seeks to respond by offering a hybrid product, designed to be neither a tablet nor a computer, a subtle mixture of the two.

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