50 games in your subscription by December

50 games in your subscription by December

You may not know it, but Netflix offers a selection of games on its mobile app, and this catalog is about to grow.

Not sure what series or movie to watch on Netflix tonight? Well why not choose a game instead ? For a few months now, you have been able to access a selection of games thanks to your Netflix subscription directly from the mobile and tablet application of the streaming platform.

This new direction for the video streaming giant goes hand in hand with its desire to diversify its market and create new partnerships with other companies in the gaming video industry.

Neither one nor two, the platform had then dug up two new brand employees, Leanne Lombre from Riot Games and Mike Verdu from Electronic Arts and Facebook, to boost this new service.

Since then, many games inspired by the platform’s productions have appeared, including adaptations of Stranger Thingsor the rhythm game inspired by League of Legends and Arcane : Hextech Mayhem.

A long list of planned

With a catalog currently made up of 19 games, the washington post reveals that Netflix plans to expand this list to 50 by the end of 2022, and not with just any licenses.

The latest has just arrived and will delight fans of RPG and of shoot ! bearing the name of Relic Hunters: Rebelthis game is the last episode of the series of Relic Hunters and the first to be released on mobile platforms. Developed by a Brazilian team, the role-playing game offers exhilarating gameplay based on weapons straight out of a sci-fi movie. With endearing pixel art graphics, the game promises a colorful experience that remains compatible with older smartphone models, says Rogue Snail studio. The game is available now in your Netflix subscription.

In addition, the streaming platform has just signed a contract with Exploding Kittensthe now cult board game, to offer an animated series inspired by the game as well as an adaptation of the physical version into a digital version.

The proposed mobile catalog even includes applications and other goodies such as stickers for your conversations. The objective is clear: Netflix wants to capture part of the mobile ecosystem market.

A rescue attempt?

For some time now, Netflix has been in trouble, and is trying somehow to regain the surface.

With a significant loss of subscribers lately (200,000 since the beginning of 2022 and 700,000 due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine), the platform is struggling to make a number, and is then desperately trying to save money. Between the cancellation of projects and an attempt at a new subscription with advertisements, the streaming giant continues in the bad buzz and the bad advertising, and risks aggravating its situation.

Video games could then be a way for the company to bring in new subscribers, keep its current subscribers and justify its ever-higher prices.

But in this case, wouldn’t it be wise to offer a subscription with or without video games to allow everyone to have a subscription tailored to their needs and with a price representative of the use made of the platform?

Only Netflix can answer this question… While waiting for the platform’s new subscription models, don’t forget to go to your Netflix application to discover the games on offer.

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