3 games to keep you busy on the plane

3 games to keep you busy on the plane

Do you dread the moment when you are going to be screwed to the seat of an airplane for long hours? Here are some Nintendo Switch games to keep you busy.

The sun is pointing the tip of its nose, the buds are blooming and the temperatures are getting milder; spring is here and summer is almost reaching out to us. The holiday season is therefore officially back, even for gamers. If you choose a destination abroad this year, and your entire trip will be by plane, you are probably wondering how you can occupy your time.

Don’t move, we have a solution for you. If you have a Nintendo Switch, there are a few games that could put you in the mood for the holidays, while offering you an activity that is entertaining enough to keep you busy for a few hours without getting bored, without an internet connection. We ignore some well-known licenses that still work just as well, such as Pokemon, Animal Crossing or the Marios. Here is a selection of 3 excellent games to play on the plane.

Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom, this is the game indicated for long hours of airplane flight. This is a completely mesmerizing management game that puts you in charge of building an empire in the sky. To do this, you will have to collect resources and build buildings, in a visually splendid universe and captivating music.

Its mechanics are rather simple, and the pace of the game is slow, which allows you to escape for a moment. Plus, what’s better than a game that takes place in the air, while you’re in the air yourself?

Road 96

Although Road 96 depicts a trip by car and not by plane, it is also recommended for optimal flight conditions. In this slightly crazy road trip, it doesn’t matter where you go, as long as you make the choices that are important to you. On your way, you will meet souls as endearing as they are useful, who will lead you in turn to wherever you want.

Developed by the French studio Digixart, which we interviewed at Pégases 2022, this is a game that is good to bring out at every moment of relaxation as it is touching and simply incredible.


We end this small selection with Unpacking, a game in which you see your character evolve according to his moves. By unpacking his boxes, from his childhood bedroom to that of his first home, you discover a strong and endearing personality, who manages to touch you, even without any dialogue.

If you are a storage fanatic, Unpacking is made for you. Over the moves, the rules for the placement of objects become a little stricter than at the start, although they are in any case anecdotal.

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