20 years after The Wire, We Own This City is coming soon to OCS

20 years after The Wire, We Own This City is coming soon to OCS

David Simon and George Pelecanos return to Baltimore, 20 years after their phenomenal series: The Wire.

Whether you saw it or not, you probably didn’t miss the phenomenon TheWire. The series developed by David Simon and his friend Georges Pelecanos is still considered today as one of the best productions of its kind and the two creators are not going to stop there. They are about to unveil their brand new series, which will once again immerse us in Baltimore.

Based on the book by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton, We Own This City tells the story of an elite unit of the city’s police: the Gun Trace Task Force. This organization is plagued by corruption, blunders and the fabrication of evidence to the point of becoming a criminal organization itself.

The plot will particularly follow Sergeant Wayne Jenkins, an important member of this unit. To embody it, HBO recruits on the side of the Marvel series, with Jon Bernthal. The actor who distinguished himself in The Punisher will give the reply to Wunmi Mosaku, also linked to the Marvel Cinematic Universe since she played in the series Loki on Disney+.

Josh Charles (Away), David Corenswet (Hollywood) and Jamie Hector (Prodigal Sound) are added to the list of actors who will populate this new series. We will also have to count on McKinley Belcher III, whom we saw in the series FBI broadcast on CBS since the year 2018.

The director of The Williams Method

Behind the camera, Reinaldo Marcus Green will work. The filmmaker recently directed The Williams Method, a film for which Will Smith won an Oscar. He should also soon devote a biopic to Bob Marley.

As for the screenplay, it is obviously George Pelecanos and David Simon who are at work. They partner with Bill Zorzi and Ed Burns on the writing. The quartet is also producing We Own This City. To discover the series, it will not be necessary to wait very long. It will be broadcast from next April 26 on OCS, broadcast US+24.

A few lucky ones have already been able to discover the first episodes exclusively during the 2022 edition of the Lille festival Série Mania. The series did not win any awards, but the public seems to have been generally rather enthusiastic. It remains to be seen if OCS subscribers will find their account with this story of dirty cops.

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